Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Art is the weapon

Hello! I thought I would show you some pictures I snapped over the weekend. My weekend felt like it went on for ever, I think it's because it is sunny here until 8:30 pm. There is a great stretch in the evening as my mother would say! On Saturday we visited the book shop adjacent to the National Art museum in Madrid. I haven't actually gone into this museum yet, I am waiting until my extremely talented 17 year old artist sister visits me in June.

The book shop was impressive, I think it has at least five floors. I've never been in a bookshop like it actually so I will definitely return again even though most of the books are in Spanish. 

A lot of the books were about the well known Spanish sculptor and painter Picasso. Abstract art isn't really my cup of tea but I definitely appreciate what he did and why he is so popular. I was always drawing and painting when I was younger and I intend on getting back into it in a bog way later this year. 

I was fascinated by this Nazi art book, not for the content as it was all in Spanish but the fact that is was made out of cardboard. Each copy of the book had a different cover. 

Most of my interest was vested in the fashion part of the bookshop. I spent a lot of  time looking at this huge Kate Moss book. It had so many photos, many I had never seen before. I find her look extremely captivating. She is just flawless in front of the camera, so confident and just totally photogenic.   The book cost over €60 so it was out of my price range unfortunately! 

As were were walking to Retiro park we passed a poster for the Rock 'n' Roll Madrid road race. It will be held on  the 28th of April. This will be my first 10k run. I am excited but also very nervous. There will be thousands of people taking part, lots of experienced runners so I just hope I can complete it! 

I love the flowers in Spring, Winter was so gloomy here in Madrid. It is great to see a pop of colour around the place.Madrid is covered in interesting graffiti, this one is a bit battered looking but pretty awesome nonetheless.  On our way to the bookshop we passed a shop that only sells springs, I've never seen anything like it before. I can only  assume that the owner is a very organised person. 

That is all from me at the moment, hope you are well.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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