Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nails of the day Essence Sweet Surprise and Unexpected Galaxy

Essence  Colour&Change in 'Sweet Surprise' and 'Unexpected Galaxy' (step1) €2.45 each.

I love these colours so much. Sweet Surprise is a metallic pink, it's so glam and I was happy with the results after just one coat but it does chip easily so a second coat is necessary. Unexpected Galaxy is an intense metallic  silver/blue. If you use the special step 2 nail polish you can do some nail art, that is the whole point of these polishes but I just like wearing the polish like this for now. I think you can use a normal top coat 
polish to get the  art design effect, I'll try this out soon.

I bought the Essence anti split polish a few week ago and it's  working well so far but my nails aren't that long   right now so I can't say for sure if it's a good buy for people with long nails. I also bought this blue polish, it's a pale blue. There is nothing that exciting about it I guess but I am a lover of all things blue.

The kids at school are going crazy over the colour of my nails. As it's quite sunny here now I think my colourful  nails reflect on my very cheerful mood!

What colour are your nails wearing ?

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