Friday, 5 April 2013

Part two of my journey

Good afternoon guys! I took a little break from blogging over Easter. I was off for a total of eight days and I wanted to spend most of this away from the computer. I finish work at around 8 pm on most days so having so much free time was amazing. 
This post is going to be about my preparation for moving to Madrid. I wanted to get as many things as I could organised before I went over there. In between studying and writing my thesis, I spent my remaining time  looking up accommodation, essential  legal documents and potential jobs. As expected, however, many of the important things couldn't be sorted until I was on Spanish soil. 

There was the possibility of doing some Skype interviews, I did one and it turned out to be quite  a funny affair. I had forgotten that I had applied for a legal job so I was expecting the call to be about teaching English in a school. I had all my  TEFL notes written down and was very confused when the interviewer only asked me legal questions. I was even more confused when he asked me if I had worked in a bank before.  He was a really nice man and the interview actually went quite well aside from my initial confusion! I was shortlisted for the job but it didn't start until late October so it wasn't  the right option for me. The only things I could sort out for certain were booking the flight over. I went with Ryanair and lets just say all of my flights since then have been with Aer Lingus. It felt weird buying a one way ticket. I used to book a room for our first few nights in Madrid and getting familiar with the transport system. It was extremely cheap but looking back, the area we stayed in was a bot of trek from the city of Madrid.

My job search basically involved me googling TEFL jobs in Spain and I also googled legal jobs. I applied for a fair few jobs but most of them required me to actually be in Spain. I must admit that it was hard to leave Ireland and  not have a job set in stone.
All of the legal stuff would have to wait until I was in Spain as well, even though I am a EU citizen, I needed additional documents, such as getting a social security number and NIE,  to be able to work legally in Spain.
I also applied for a European health insurance card, this card isn't an alternative to travel insurance but it is useful. 

I think a great way of preparing for a move to  a new country is to read lots of blogs and make note of peoples bad and obviously good points about an area. As there are so many expats living in Madrid, there are tons of blogs to choose from. 

Here are a list of some  websites I found really useful : 

It's hard to believe that all of this happened in August, it seriously only feels like a few weeks ago. I am glad the preparation stage is over as it was stressful not being able to really do much. Doing as much research as possible definitely helps when you get to your destination as you know what you have to get done. 

I don't think I have much more useful  info to add to this post, part three will be about the move which was a roller coaster of emotions as you can imagine! 
Hasta luego!

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