Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rock´n´Roll Madrid - My first 10k race

The coolest medal I own!

I will always remember today as it was the first time I ran a 10k race. I will be posting a more in depth blog and video about my training and the race in the next few days. 

am absolutely shattered at the moment so I am just going to show you the pictures from my race.

On the metro with Craig, very nervous at this stage
So many people! There were over 20,000 people running including a lot of people running in memory of the people who lost their lives and  the injured people in Boston

 I found the last km  extremely challenging, I was running at snails pace until I noticed that I was being overtaken by a kid... I somehow managed to get myself together and sprint to the finish lines..The crowd were shouting  ´vamos chica!´at me which means come on girl! It was an amazing feeling and I can´t wait to do my next race.

I did it!


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