Thursday, 23 May 2013

Catrice : Genius in a bottle

Genius in a bottle

Catrice is a brand that I've been using for years. It's a European brand and can often be found in Penneys/Primark, Superdrug, Boots and the like. 
I don't have that many Catrice polishes here with me in Madrid, I  left most of them at home. Most of my Catrice polishes are pastels. When looking at the bottle you can see a glorious mixture of bronze, gold and green and a hint of blue. I had an inkling that the colour  wouldn't turn out exactly like this once it was applied to my nails and I was right.

When I applied the first coat the colour on my nails did match the colour in the bottle but a second cost was absolutely necessary. One coat alone is too transparent and wouldn't last long on your nails. As soon as I applied the second coat however my nails were now a solid gold colour. Don't get me wrong, I am actually loving this gold colour. It's metallic and looks very well but it's just not the colour I wanted. 

I don't like the application brush with this polish, it's too wide for my liking and flimsy which makes it hard to apply polish on the corner of your nails.
The polish lasts a surprisingly long amount of time, it hasn't chipped much in the five days that I have been wearing it. 
Back of bottle

I've read on a few other blogs that this polish is a good dupe for Chanel Peridot and they do look quite similar.  I probably will re-purchase this as I love the rich metallic gold colour even though it's not the colour I thought I was getting.

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  1. Oh that's lovely and such a perfect dupe for Peridot! Thanks for posting this! *makes mad dash to nearest Penneys* :)

  2. I've have never heard of this brand before. What a lovely colour!


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