Friday, 10 May 2013

May Make-up & Skincare

Hola! I want to show you the newest additions to my make-up/skincare collection.

The Body Shop were having a special offer where you get to choose a product worth €5 when you buy the soothing day cream and the soothing night cream. I needed some new moisturisers so this deal was perfect for me.

  • The Body Shop - Born Lippy in raspberry. It's a moisturising lip balm and it smells yummy.

  • The Body Shop - Soothing day cream and The Body Shop - Soothing night cream

I've never tried a Sephora foundation before so when I saw this on sale for €10 I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

  • Sephora Perfecting cover foundation 

  • 05 Light porcelain - This was the lightest shade I could find. I got it on sale for €10
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  1. that looks like a great light coloured foundation :)

  2. I have seen lighter shade than 05 Light porcelain. I don't remember though as it was long back ago since I changed my make up style. Thanks for bringing this blog post for us to read. It is very informative and interesting.

    Alison Clarke
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