Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My face primers

My face primers are a mixture of three products that come from various points along the price scale.
Lilly Cole Pearl Radiance Primer (15ml) retails at €20  from The Body Shop.
Essence My Base  (20ml) retails  at the lower end of the scale and will cost you  €4.79 and  That Gal  (20ml) by Benefit is the priciest of all three, selling at €31.

I love pump dispensers - easy to use and hygienic.  This is my least favourite of my face primers as the little pearl balls can be a pain to blend on my face. Often I am left with traces which I have to wipe off with a cotton pad as they refuse to blend!
That is my only complaint however, I've found it to be a good primer but I don't think it's worth the price especially since  you only get 15ml whereas both of my other primers are 20ml bottles.

Essence's My Base also uses a pump dispenser but I find it tricky to use. I have to press down extremely hard and sometimes the product flies out at such a speed that it ends up on my wall instead of my face! But as it costs €4.79 I can't really complain can I ?

I like this primer a lot, I've often gone out with only this  and a bit of concealer on my face as it gives me a healthy glow.

I found That Gal  hard to use at first as I didn't know which way I was meant to twist in order to get the primer out of the bottle. I swear it changed it's mind daily at first but now I am more accustomed with the product  and I've never had a problem with it since.

I've been using That Gal for yonks. This is only my second bottle but they last for ages. 
It's one of my most beloved products from Benefit and  I think it will always make an appearance in my make-up bag.

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  1. I love the Benefit 'that gal' I love the way it comes out through the little holes, anyone else? or am I just strange! I am a new follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance, xxx

  2. Hi, who won the giveaway?? ^_^


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