Saturday, 25 May 2013

My make-up bases and primers

Since moving to Madrid I´ve found that it´s almost impossible to venture out into this heat without wearing eye-shadow primer. I´ve gone without a few
times and it wasn´t long before my eye-shadow was no longer on my eye lids!
I have a tiny selection of primers but they serve me well.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti Crease Eye Shadow Primer -  10mls for  €17.20

Shadow Insurance was included in the box with my Romantic eye palette from Too Faced. It's around €11 cheaper than the Urban Decay primer and  unlike  the Primer Potion ( orignal colour) it's also free from parabens. It is long lasting and  certainly a contender for being one of the best primers out there at the moment. 
Essence I  Love Stage -  4ml for €4
This is a good eye shadow base for anyone who likes to stick to cheaper brands. As it is a base and not a primer, it's sole function is to make the colours pop on your eye lid by evening the colour tone on your lids. It isn't very long lasting but for €4 it's a decent product. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - 25ml  for €28.50

This was the very first primer I ever tried. As soon as I tried it I realised why it  is the #1 best  selling product from Urban Decay. I won't go into much detail about this product as it's a pretty legendary product among the beauty world and there are thousands of reviews about it.

Urban Decay; Essence; Too Faced
  It wasn't until I swatched all three on my hand that I noticed how different they are in colour. Primer potion is a light cream colour but it has pink undertones. I love stage is a light  beige colour.  Shadow insurance is also a light cream colour but it's not as pink as the Primer Potion. 
All of these colours work well for me and I don't really have a favourite to be honest.

Close up


Too Faced

I prefer products that use a   tube as it's easier to control how much comes out. You aren't wasting any product and it's not as messy to use.


I dislike the bottle as it's hard plastic and you can't reach in to the get the remaining bits of product. Also I am not a fan of the applicator as I find it messy to use and a lot of  the product sticks to the actual brush itself so it's wasteful. 

Urban Decay

When I first tried out Urban Decay's primer, it was in the original hard plastic bottles which were frankly a disaster! The style of packaging is  identical to the Too Faced primer as shown already so I like it a lot. 


Final thoughts:

Eye shadow primers are an essential part to my make-up looks. They can be difference between me keeping a lightly pigmented shadow or chucking it out. I always use a primer under my eye-shadow even if I am using a heavily pigmented eye- shadow as prevents the shadow slipping off over the course of the day. 

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  1. Great post - I think Shadow Insurance will be my next primer purchase


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