Saturday, 11 January 2014

20 Short Facts About Me

 I did this tag last night on Instagram. I    was tagged by @give_a_posy! 

1. I love Sherlock Holmes. Book and tv shows.
2. I'm scared stiff of monkeys!
3. I've two sisters.
4. I'm the shortest in my family even though I'm 5'7 and a bit.
5. I've two cats and a dog. Little terrors!
6. I'm a Slytherin for life. 
7. I can't click my fingers #freak
8. I can play the harmonica.
9. I adore Paris.
10. I want to be best friends forever with Jesse Pinkman #BreakingBad
11. I'm left handed.
12. I'm vegan.
13. My star sign is Scorpio.
14. I'm engaged.
15. I love a bit of GAA.
16. I like to sing songs by the Dubliners in the shower at least once a week.
17. I can't wear perfume. 
18. Proud Kerry woman.
19. Don't ask me to do maths, I'm terrible. 
20. I love my life #LiveLife 

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  1. Oh I love reading everyone's posts on Instagram!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff


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