Monday, 20 January 2014

Chatting to Ryan Tubridy and Andrew Scott aka Moriarty from Sherlock on the Late Late Show

When a new year begins, I always say to myself  ' I wonder what I'll get up to this year,' Little did I know that I would only be in the first month of the year and already have appeared on the Late Late show and chat to Ryan Tubridy and Andrew Scott aka Moriarty in the BBC's critically acclaimed Sherlock Holmes
Here is how it all began.

Last Wednesday my sister Norma told me about a competition the Late Late show were holding on twitter and facebook. The prize was two tickets to the show that Friday where Andrew Scott aka Moriarty would be making an appearance. 
I sent off my entry but  I  didn't think about it too much to be honest, I never expected to win.  On Thursday evening, I saw that I had a missed call from an unknown number and a voicemail. Usually I am slow to ring back unknown numbers but I thought it might be job related so I listened to my voicemail. It was a woman calling  from  RTE. I had won! I was in such shock I accidentally deleted the message which included a number I had to call back. Panic ensued to say the least.. Finally I got through to the office again and it was all sorted. I was asked if I would speak about my Sherlock Holmes related tattoo,  I instantly agreed to  this. I was pretty sure that they wouldn't have time to talk to me so I didn't worry about it until Friday when  I realised I  would be talking on Irelands biggest  talk show. 

Norma and myself head up to Dublin early the next day. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I had been on television before, I did a film review for S@attitude when I was about 12 but this was going to be live television and really didn't know what to expect. 

We made our way to Donnybrook Dublin 4. I think that address has been ingrained in my head since the days of Den Tv!  At this stage all I was thinking was what have I got myself into! I was terrified of making a fool of myself and becoming an internet meme! 
We went into the audience reception area where they had a wine reception. I avoided the wine and just chatted for a bit, the excitement was killing me. 
The studio was so much smaller than I had expected, it was a lot of fun to see what happens behind the cameras. 

 We took our seats, second row from the front, and I finally started to relax. 

During an add break, I had a microphone put on me and I knew that it was really happening so I tried to keep as calm as possible and just continue to enjoy the night. 
As soon as Andrew Scott and Ryan began talking, it was quite clear that he was an easy going guy and I didn't have to be nervous at all. Once Ryan mentioned the competition and my name, adrenaline started to kick in and I just went with  it. It was over before I knew it and I started to wonder why I had  been nervous in the first place! It was such a surreal few minutes and I kinda zoned out for the end of their chat. Andrew's   infamous porridge moment was definitely the best piece of tv I've seen in a long time and it was a great end to a great interview. 
I have to say that Mr Tubridy himself was extremely relaxed and witty especially  during the add breaks and took time out to meet with lots of lovely older ladies who were celebrating their birthdays. It's quite a high pressured few hours as he has people talking in his ear and constantly has people  giving him signals to move onto the next segment etc, I don't think I could hack it.  All the staff working there looked like they really love their job and were very helpful. 
What I learnt:
  • Tubridy is a lot taller and funnier than I had imagined

  • Tubridy really does eat the sweets out of the jar in his desk and shares them with the band

    • Andrew Scott hates porridge 
    Mr Flahavan and myself

    . I had a fantastic time, I am a huge fan of Sherlock and Scott so it was brilliant being able to tell him what I think of the show. Like the rest of the audience,  my sister and myself received  vouchers for a hotel break which is going straight to my mom and dad and our older sister. 

    I think that's all I have to say, I can hardly believe that it happened to be honest! 
    If you live in Ireland, you can catch a repeat of the show on RTE player. Scott has a huge fanbase so the interview is all over YouTube and Tumblr. 

    Thanks for reading! 


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