Friday, 10 January 2014

Dummies Guide to Being a Blogger : Part Two

When you flip through a book or  magazine; you'll probably  take it for granted that the content is laid out in a reader friendly fashion. Accessible and in order. The same should be provided to your blog readers when they come to have a look around.  There is nothing more off putting than clicking on a blog and having content flying at you from every corner of your computer screen and you've no idea where to begin. 
The content may be fantastic but if it's a pain to read or search for something, it's much easier to look elsewhere. 
Here are some tips to keep your blog reader friendly. 

Font :  
  • Lilac or baby blue may be your favourite colour but sometimes light colours just  don't work  and leave the reader with their eyeballs in a knot. Make sure your font is a practical size, style  and colour so that your work is clear and  is not a strain to read.  I think it's a good idea to find a couple of  fonts you really like and stick to those therefore adding to your personal style. Maybe browse through  Dafont to get some inspiration. 

  • The quality expected of blog photos is pretty darn high and this can be daunting if you are still in your early days of blogging. Basically, if  photos are an essential part of your blog then it is best to use in a camera that will give you good pictures. It doesn't have to be anything that breaks the bank; just one that will give you clear shots of the products/makeup look etc.  If you use a  lot of photos per post I always find it more appealing if they are labelled and arranged into a  collage.

  • Without a doubt sidebars  are very helpful for advertising other blogs and websites etc. If your sidebars are full of adverts try and keep the images at a size which won't distract from your work. The main focus at all times should be what's in your blog posts. 

Search & Archive: 
  • Both the archive and search tab are very useful for your regular readers and visitors to see what you have been up too. More often than not, if a blog doesn't have an archive section, I won't spend a lot of time clicking on the 'older post' tab.

Express yourself:  
  • I've noticed that a lot more blogs are using a simple  approach  with their  blogs  design/theme lately.  At the end of the day it should all be down to  your own personal choice. If you love your colour, then use lots of it!  I like to keep my blog kinda simple looking but I also throw in a lot of colour because it's what I like. 
  • I like to draw out some pictures to accompany some of my posts. I think it's just an extra bit of myself I can add to my blog. If drawing isn't your thing, then maybe  add some clipart. Clipart has comes along way since it's beginning in Microsoft word  so don't shudder at the thought of it just yet! 
  • Picmonkey is an excellent resource for editing photos, creating headers etc and it's free. I am also a fan of the Photowonder app, it's a fun way to edit photos super fast and easy on your phone. 
  • Never copy another bloggers design (or use photos without permission/credit!) Naturally some blogs may have similar aspects to them, same colour scheme etc and that is fine. Like your writing, be yourself when it comes to how your blog looks. 

Original image  via Google images.

How to:  
How to add a page to your blog; How to put posts into blogger pages; How to add a 'continue to read' tab to your blog; How to customise the 'continue to read tab' etc..

  • There are a lot of 'how the heck do I do this' what is google analytics? S E Oh where has my post disappeared  to? moments in blogging. I haven't a clue when it comes to HTML yet through using posts by bloggers who do have a clue, I've managed to do all the design work on this blog myself.  
  • It has taken me a long time to get my blog looking how I want it but if you don't have the time,  you can always get someone else to help you out with it. 
  • FebruaryGirl  has a brilliant series on her blog which will surely answer any blogging lingo question you have. 
  • For easy  step by step tutorials  in regards to blog design and other matters  check out Pretend it's in Ink  and  Xomisse


  1. Brilliant advice again missus, i love to use Ribbet to edit photos and thankfully the design part I leave down to the boyfriend. I hate the way a lot of blogs nowadays have the finest font (uk bloggers especially) and you have to squint to bloody see it! I much prefer big clear fonts. More and more blogs are looking too similar, I tried to have mine a little different while keeping it clean. I really like yours because it’s unusual and there isn’t another one out there like it!

  2. I've never used Ribbet before, I must check it out! Thank you very much! :)


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