Wednesday, 4 June 2014

200 words or less. Part 1 : Are you hydrated? Skincare & Health

I am pretty sure I spent most of my life dehydrated and I  didn't even know it. There are still times where I'm dehydrated but at least now I'm aware of it and do something about it.
To put it bluntly; if you pee is the same colour as a character in The Simpsons as opposed to a clear Caspar the Friendly Ghost  colour then you are dehydrated

Other  signs that you are dehydrated include:
Dry mouth especially in the morning.
Bad breath.
Dry skin/lips
Constipation/ not pooping daily
No tears when you cry 

A lot of people don't pee enough and/or don't poop daily. If you aren't peeing at least 7 times a day and not pooping the you are doing somethinng wrong. It's easy to fix though I know from experience. 

Whilst I don't know much about the science behind hydration, I can promise you from  personal experience  that you will become hydrated faster from eating lots of fruit and veg than you will from chugging down actual glasses of water. If you can get your hands on melons or cucumbers you will be on the pigs back. 


  1. I can be rubbish but I try to only drink water now instead of fizzies and just use mi wadi to make it a bit more interesting!

  2. RosesandRockets4 June 2014 at 18:57

    I'm a terror for putting Lidl blackcurrant high juice in my water, trying to cut back but water is so boring at times!

  3. Watermelons are so great for hydration! Have to say I've noticed such a difference since upping my water intake. At least 1 litre per day if not 2.

  4. People underestimate the importance of staying hydrated! Your body needs it!


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