Monday, 16 June 2014

Father of the Bride 3!

I was so excited to read that a Father of the Bride 3 is on the cards. I absolutely love the previous two movies so fingers crossed that the original cast will all be making an appearance.
Kimberly Williams Paisley (Annie) has pretty much stuck to tv work since her acclaimed performances in father of the bride 1/2. Her  struggle with her mothers dementia was documented in a book recently by Kimberly so there is obviously a lot going on with her private life.
Rumour has it that the movie will focus on George's only son Matty. Apparently Matty is marrying a Navy Seals officer. Gay marraige and an old fashioned dad don't always go well together. Here's hoping it all works out as I don't want to hate George! 
I'd love to see Kieran Culkin back as Matty. Kieran is a solid actor and has been pretty much in the movie and tv business all his life. 
George Newbern aka Bryan has spent the last decade or so doing tv shows such as Friends, Greys Anatomy and CSI.
My main man Martin Short aka Franck has been on Broadway and does a lot of voice work in movies. 
I can't wait to see where the characters are now. 

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