Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Train Hard. Feel Sore. See Results. And Repeat.

First rule of kettle bells class - Go to your kettle bells class.

I mentioned in my last post and on Twitter a couple of times that I've taken up kettle bells at work. I usually prefer to exercise by myself but as I've moved to a new county I think it's important to surround myself with as many  positive and awesome people as possible. 
Sometimes I feel a little nervous just before class starts as I'm the newbie and to be honest, my coordination sucks but I think I'm getting the hang of it. There is a fantastic vibe in the class and no reason to be nervous or self conscious. 

My legs are much stronger than my arms and this is down to the fact that I totally neglect them (unless typing , carrying groceries or turning pages counts)
The most important thing is that I'm doing something about it. I attend class twice a week and I do squats/ wall press ups/ cycling and lots of brisk walking throughout the rest of the week. 
I've made a good start on the road to fitness and healthy living. I want to get strong and fit. I will get strong and fit. It will take time but doesn't everything? 
I'm hoping to talk to one of my trainers and see if they will answer a couple of questions on kettle bells. I know I could just google it but I'd prefer to get their views on it as they really seem to know what they are doing.
Happy training!
I'll leave you with this image

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  1. Nothing like a class full of supportive and positive people. It really keeps you motivated


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