Thursday, 21 March 2013

Moving to Madrid.

Hey folks! I think its  about  time that I share my experience of life in the Spanish capital  with you all.
This will be the first of a couple of post, as I have been here for quite a few months now there are many topics I'd like to cover with you - preparing for the move, moving, looking for work, a house etc! 
I want these series of posts to be as informative as possible as  there are so many things to consider when moving  to Madrid or wherever you are planning to go. 

I am currently writing this post up in one of the primary schools I work in. I was very lucky to be placed in such a fun loving school. The children are bonkers but in the right way. 
I guess the next thing to do is go back to actually go back to  the very start of this journey.  I
 moved to Madrid on the 20th of August.
I had been planning on moving to Spain since January 2012 as I wanted to take a break from study for a while. At the time I had my undergraduate degree and was in the process of writing up my thesis for my postgraduate degree. I finished my thesis and handed it in one day before I moved so it was a crazy time for me as you can imagine. 
One of the main reasons I chose Madrid as my destination was the fact that one of my oldest friends was teaching there and had lots of great things to say about the city. As I would be properly leaving home for the first time I didn't want too stray too far away from the nest. I never had a problem with homesickness when  I attended college as I was only a two hour bus ride from home (I know people who did experience home sickness even though they went home every weekend, everyone responds to it in a different way) but I wasn't sure how I would cope with living somewhere like Australia, it seemed so far away and my family have been through a lot in the last few years so I just wasn't ready to be on the other side of the planet. 

'Sobrino de Botin is officially  the oldest working restaurant in the world, it dates back to 1725.'

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  1. It sounds like an amazing experience, and there really is feck all in Ireland. I'm from Ireland too and it's so depressing, you done right. I love your blog. I'm your new follower.xx


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