Sunday, 1 September 2013

Meeting Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

London has been incredible for me. I ventured off by myself on Thursday    night and I've encountered lots of      friendly people along my way. Pat  Shortt and Daniel Radcliffe to name but a few. 

         Outside the Noel Coward Theatre

 At around 10:15 tonight I met  Daniel Radcliffe. I've been an avid  Harry Potter fan since 2001. His   performance today in  the Cripple of Innismaan was captivating and  so were the rest of the cast. It was  an incredible day.

                         His autograph

  I didn't get a picture with him as it  was simply impossible to get my   camera ready in time but chatting 
  to him was all I  wanted. I've just  uploaded a video to my YouTube 
   account about my experience.


Thank you London !

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  1. Aw sounds like you had a magnificent time, chick. I have to get to London again soon x


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